I’m constantly trying to find ways to show up for my friends and family when I can’t actually be with them. It’s important to me to make sure the people in my life feel loved and appreciated, but when we can’t do the things we usually would—have friends over, get a drink, go on a vacation, or gather together to cook a big meal—it can be hard to find ways to show affection. So what do you do when you can’t show up? Send the love right to their doorstep! We all love receiving packages in the mail and here are eight ways to deliver a little sunshine to your loved ones.

Thinking of You Gifts

Subscription to Book of the Month Club

About the Gift: Book of the Month Club does research and selects five book recommendations per month. Members then pick which book they want to receive and buy it at a discounted price. You can skip months whenever you want, but being on a subscription model encourages consistency. Who it’s for: Retired friends or family members who have lots of time on their hands, young college- or high school-age readers who will have more time for “fun” reading during the virtual school year, or friends from your book club who you know love to read. What it says: I know you and your interests and I want to tap into that!  


About the Gift: Mouth is a delivery snack box company that prides itself on featuring small-batch, high quality and flavorful foods! Boxes range in price and there are options for everyone in your life. Box themes include: just add tequila, all the snacks, picnic in a box, chocolate lovers, positivi-TEA, pickles only, BBQ pit or simply candy. My mom’s employer sent our family a snack lover box and it was truly amazing. It made my whole week and there was something in there for everyone in my family. You can also build your own box for those with particular tastes. Who it’s for: Your foodie friend, dinner companions, a co-worker you want to appreciate, busy friends, people who love to cook, and adventurous friends who love to try new things. Anyone who likes a snack, really. What it says: I’m bringing a little adventure to your doorstep!  

Diptyque Candles & Kits

About the Gift: Diptyque brings the spa to your friends and family with this perfectly curated gift set. It comes with a candle, shower foam, roll-on perfume, and body lotion, all in the classic, highly refined Diptyque scents. Any of the products will bring friends and family a slice of calm and delight their senses. Who it’s for: Your busy friend who needs a reminder to take time for themselves, parents who are fed up with virtual school, an assistant or co-worker who deserves recognition, a new mom in need of some “me” time, any person who needs a little “pick me up.” What it says: I’m your new excuse to carve out “me time” and--take a deep breath--you’ve got this.  

Cocktail Bar Tools Set

About the Gift: This super sleek cocktail tools kit is a gorgeous gift. When we can’t visit our favorite bars, it’s a good time to put our own mixology skills to the test. Consider shipping the recipient a bottle of award-winning Sundog Gin, from Crooked Water Spirits, a brand local to Minnesota that’s owned and operated by women. I recently purchased Sundog, and all I can say is *chef’s kiss*! Who it’s for: People who enjoy a good cocktail, adventurous friends up for learning a new skill, friends you would normally raise a glass with, friends you usually vacation with (bring the vacation to them!) What it says: Kick off your shoes and enjoy a drink on the patio, and remember to enjoy the little things.  


About the Gift: StoryWorth is in the business of making memories in the form of the written word. Each week they email a question or prompt to your recipient, the person responds, and at the end of the year you receive a book compiled with all of the stories and memories shared by your loved one! This gift is personalized and very thoughtful. It’s great for older relatives in your life and can be an awesome gift from grandkids to grandparents. Many older adults find themselves increasingly isolated during quarantine and this is a very simple, user-friendly way to engage with them and give them something to look forward to. Who it’s for: Grandparents, aunts and uncles, any important figures in your life, people whose words you want to cherish. What it says: Even though I can’t be with you, I care about you, and want to hear all of your life stories.

The Sill Plants

About the Gift: The Sill is a company that grows, pots, and ships plants and succulents. They sell pots and planting accessories, as well as flowers and green plants. The website allows you to filter the plant results by including features like low light, pet friendly, or blooming so you can find the perfect plant for your loved one. Plus, there’s scientific evidence that plants do wonders for our well-being. Who it’s for: A person with a green thumb, homebound individuals who will appreciate a new addition to their space, college kids going back to school, a housewarming gift to anyone moving or simply a friend or neighbor you want to acknowledge. What it says: I hope this gift brightens your day! Keep calm and carry on, I am thinking of you!

Watson Adventures Virtual Games, Tours & Scavenger Hunts

About the Gift: Watson Adventures is a company that specializes in hosting scavenger hunts, trivia, breakout games, and gameplay world tours. You can reserve private virtual events and select the game's theme. They are conducted entirely over Zoom and are hosted by a Watson Adventure moderator that handles all the technology. My employer organized a few of these over quarantine for us and they have been so fun and a great bonding experience. Our various event themes were “break out of the museum,” and the other was “around the world” trivia. These are private events and would be an awesome family experience to celebrate someone’s birthday or anniversary! Who it’s for: the strategy-minded person, fans of travel and art history, friends who read who-done-its, fans of high-level interactive entertainment, families separated by physical space What it says: let’s have fun, be creative and put our heads together to solve a mystery! Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle

About the Gift: Shutterfly offers an amazing service where you can add photos, organize a collage, and make it into a puzzle. Start by uploading your photos, select the size and piece count (ranging from 60-1,000+). This is fun for every age level and can be easily gifted. It’s perfect for the impending winter months of quarantine. Make one with photos of you and the recipient, send it to all of your friends with photos from your last group vacation, or to your parents with a nostalgic collection of old Christmas card photos! Who it’s for: the puzzler, someone who loves to get cozy and hunker down, people who enjoy nostalgic memorabilia, homebound individuals What it says: I am thinking of you, I miss you, I hope you're staying entertained.