It's officially a new decade, and with that comes new fashion trends! As the old adage says, everything old is made new again. Some of these 2020 fashion trends may surprise you (or not).

2020 Fashion Trends

Updated Cardigans

Cardigans have moved from wardrobe staple to fashion accessory. This cozy piece is truly versatile. Find yourself a cropped, shrunken-style cardigan and wear it as a shirt or like a typical cardigan. Pair with jeans and boots for a coffee date or enhance any dinner party look with a festive knit worn open over a statement blouse.
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Functional Fashion

Consumers have raised the bar for designers to incorporate into fashion both comfort and functionality. According to trend analyst Laura Yiannakou, “this revolution is beginning to take off in [the] outerwear category, as the consumer is demanding comfort and weather-appropriate practicality to go hand in hand with fashion.” This trend applies to everyday street wear with brands like Outdoor Voices and Athleta rising into the foreground for practical movement.
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Resale Resurgence and Eco Friendly Fabrics

An industry shift expected to explode in 2020 is the emphasis on eco-friendly fabrics. Adidas recently launched its new shoe made of recycled water bottles, (link below). Additionally, second-hand retailers like Poshmark, Mercari and Rent The Runway are forecasted to increase in usage as consumers shift toward more conversative spending on fast fashion.
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Give yourself the gift of zero buyer’s remorse this holiday season ?

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Party Blazers

Shoulder pads and ‘70s style, wide double-breasted lapels: all 2020! Featured here is Elaine Walruth at her book release exemplifying the perfect statement blazer. A great purchase for 2020 is a high-quality, long-cut blazer with wide lapels. Any fun colored blazer or cool print can be worn with jeans, a neutral top and black pumps for a lovely dinner or cocktail look.
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That #GREENDRESS ENERGY when they tell you that your book @MoreThanEnough just hit #1 on Amazon’s UK Mover’s and Shakers list. WHAT IS LIFE? But seriously tbh I debated whether or not to even post about this because we are constantly scrolling through everybody’s highlight reels on Instagram but no win is worth sharing unless it reminds someone else that what they’re striving for is worth it, too. All I can say is if you saw me last year this time toiling away alone in my sweats, praying myself out of the many spirals that come with writing a book, working through the second-guessing and the writer’s block until the sun came up while wondering if any of it was even worth it, you’d know the true weight of the win because the process was anything but cute. So, I posted this for anyone who is sitting in their sweats holding on too tightly to an idea that scares the hell out of you. Stop second-guessing it. Do the thing. No matter what they say. Because there is so much LIFE/joy/peace on the other side of fear. ❤️Now, let’s all spend the rest of our Sunday NOT scrolling IG and instead: What’s one thing you can do with your #sunday that will get you closer to a goal that’s so big it scares you? GO...?

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Pantsuit > Jumpsuit

Pantsuits are the new jumpsuits and I am truly excited about this! Pantsuits might have been seen in the past as more formal and for business wear only, but this Swedish blogger has done an amazing job of showing how pantsuits can be worn in your everyday life.
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Post Christmas shopping w big checks

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Feminine Patterns

2019 was the year of animal print—especially leopard and zebra--but 2020 is the year of feminine prints like a classic French polka dot and groovy ‘60s soft florals.
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Off to breakfast

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Actually felt like posting this pic - Loving South Africa so far ✨

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And there you have it! The 2020 fashion trends we can't get enough of. Find more info about 2020 fashion trends at, Vogue, and The Zoe Report.