Before trying Julieta heels I had pretty much given up on wearing heels altogether. Back in my early days of interning at a magazine, I loved donning a pair of Michael Kors Mary Jane heels, but one too many days of sore feet and I simply gave up. Years later, I have a pair of block sandals I bought for a wedding and I love the look, but they absolutely kill my feet—the buckles actually leave me bleeding and after a few hours in them I am in ridiculous pain. But they look cute, so I just deal with it sometimes. I also, on rare occasions, will rock a wedge, but the ones I have are only slightly better than the sandals that leave me bleeding. I always expect a wedge to be a little more comfortable for long-term wear, but the ones I own still aren’t actually comfortable, they’re just a little less evil. So, when I got the chance to try Julieta heels, I was all for it. I’d love to get back to wearing heels more often and Julieta promises both comfort and style, so I’m all in. Here are my thoughts after wearing Julieta.

Choosing the right Julieta heels

Since I haven’t worn pumps in quite some time, I opted for the slightly thicker heel of the Madrid. I also went for black because it goes with a lot of my wardrobe. I sized a half-size down from the size I usually wear in heels because the leather will stretch a little to accommodate your feet after they’re broken in. I realize now, one of the reasons I’ve had to size up for heels in the past is because the heels I was wearing never had stretch—they were stiff as a board, which is probably why they were so uncomfortable. Julieta Shoe Box The Madrid - Clasico | Julieta Shoes | The most comfortable heels you'll ever wear.

Attention to detail

When my shoes arrived, I was giddy. I opened up the pink box and was met with a personalized note, thanking me for my order. A light scent of lavender in two sachet bags makes opening the shoe box really special. It’s a lovely touch. The attention to detail for simply opening up your box of Julieta heels is something they have not skimped on. Each heel has its own dust bag, so as not to knick one other if you have to travel with them and also for safe storage. They’re made of exquisite leather from Spanish suppliers and you can tell right away they are luxurious and high end. The custom insoles are a beautiful light pink, stamped with Julieta and when you slip on the heels for the first time, they are incredibly soft and comfortable. I decided to test my Julieta heels out for my baby shower thrown by co-workers. I figured, if I can wear them at 28 weeks pregnant, they’ll certainly be comfortable once baby is here!

Highlights of My Experience with Julieta Heels

  • Normally in pumps my heel pops out as I walk. That’s because I’ve had to size up slightly for “comfort” in other heels. This is not an issue for me at all with Julieta! My heel stays put and I also didn’t get any blisters from wearing them. That’s because they’re actually the right size for once. For this same reason, I often opt for feels with straps because I feel like they’ll stay on better. Not a problem at all with my Madrid heels!
  • I can’t even pinpoint what exactly hurts when I wear other heels, because it’s basically everything. My toes get squished, the sides of my feet hurt and my heels end up with blisters from rubbing. Not so with Julieta. I was able to wear them for a long period of time without even taking them off when I sat down!
  • My past heel purchases have been heels made with synthetic materials that don’t stretch. Julieta heels are made of leather, so they stretch to accommodate your feet, making them comfortable after a short break-in period. Other heels I’ve worn never actually break in because they can’t … they just stay absolutely horrible to wear, which means I ditch them quite quickly!

How to break in your heels

As with any shoes, it’s important to have a break-in period for your Julieta heels. Julieta recommends wearing the heels continuously for 4-6 hours to break them in and gradually increase the wear time from there. I recommend doing this on carpet as you get used to how they feel. Also, be sure you know how to care for your Julieta heels so they last! All in all, I’d absolutely recommend Julieta heels to anyone I know. Heels are something many people love to wear, but it can become discouraging when you feel discomfort all day. How can you live your best life when all you can focus on is the pain in your feet? Julieta heels truly are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn.