Dear fellow travel enthusiasts! This January I’ll be moving to Madrid for a semester abroad and let’s just say I’m most concerned about how I’ll fit all my clothes and shoes into a few bags meant to last me for months. Packing can be both stressful and a fun challenge. My hope is that these packing tips for travel will help mitigate anxiety around the packing process, give you flexibility and simplify your decision-making.

Packing Tips for Travel

Roll Your Clothes. Many of you may have already heard this tip, however, I still see a majority of my friends folding their packed clothes! Rolling creates space, minimizes wrinkling and allows more visibility when looking through your bag upon arrival after packing. Pack In Order. Packing in order of how you plan to wear the outfits allows you to visualize your week and forces you to be deliberate in your planning. When the first outfit you plan to wear is on top, it saves you the hassle of having to unpack and repack just to find your outfit. Take Advantage of Your Personal Item. As sophisticated as it may feel to board a plane with just your phone and a book or a small purse, in order to maximize your packing space, it’s important to utilize the full capacity of your personal item. By traveling with a large tote or computer bag, you can now travel with a small layering piece for chilly flights, keep your cosmetics close for touch-ups, stay close to your essential chargers or medication and store a cache of snacks. Woman opening her suitcase in a hotel room | Packing Tips for Travel | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever. Travel with Multi-Purpose Items. Traveling with versatile pieces is the key to successful packing. Take the Coco Chanel quote, “every time you leave the house take an item off,” and apply that to packing. After your first pass at packing, review what you’ve laid out and pull out a few pieces. For example, stick to a classic medium-wash denim instead of packing both a light- and dark-wash denim. This principle also applies directly to your shoe choice! Pack shoes that will take you everywhere, from day to night. Don’t forget to bring a versatile pair of heels—you don’t want to wear sneakers to a special event, club or meeting. Create a Travel Uniform. My mom often travels for work and has a dedicated travel suit she finds comfortable to wear on the plane for day trip presentations. No stress. This idea was first generated by business travelers but can be applied to any travel style. By formulating a “travel uniform,” that’s tested and approved, it makes your day-of decision on what to wear that much easier. Save Space for One Thing You Love. Saving space for something that brings you joy is a decision you will not regret. If you pack efficiently and give yourself some wiggle room, you can pack a comfort item you otherwise wouldn’t have the luxury of bringing (a new book you can’t find time to read, a cozy pair of lounging slippers, your traditional night time snack, a small pillow from home, your favorite perfume etc.). Traveling Life Hack. Place lavender-scented dryer sheets or sachets in your travel bag to get the “airplane smell” off your clothes.
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