As a registered nurse and now a stay-at-home mom, high heels are not a shoe I wear on a regular basis. Running around with a four year old or taking care of patients in the hospital, comfort is essential and that is often a pair of flip flops or tennis shoes. But there are those days when I find myself searching for the right pair of heels for a special occasion. I wore a pair of purple high heels for my wedding. But those came off as soon as I could, and with that a slew of bandages on the many blisters they created. A pair of wedges or, if I could get away with it, a pair of fancy flats were often what I would wear to other special events like a bridal shower or a wedding. It’s hard to sacrifice fashion for pain. Every woman wants to feel good but be comfortable. So when I had the opportunity to try on a pair of Julieta heels, I was willing to give them a go!

Selecting the Right Pair of Julieta Shoes

I decided on the Madrid heels in violeta. At first I was going to choose black as a safe choice because it would go with much of my wardrobe, but in the end decided to go with violeta as it was refreshing, fun, and—quite frankly—my favorite color. As I mentioned, I don’t have too many heels so I had to play around with the size. With Julieta heels I would recommend sizing down if you are in between sizes. My pair of Julieta shoes arrived very quickly at my doorstep. They were wrapped up safely in a pretty pink box. This box is definitely one I will save, either to store my shoes in or use as a photo box. I enjoyed the personalized letter that came with my heels, thanking me for ordering. Inside the box I found two lavender sachet bags, a simple but pleasing touch. Each shoe is safely stored inside its own white dust bag as not scuff one another. The dust bags will also be useful for storage or travel. All these special touches make for such a unique and fun experience in ordering shoes. A woman wearing Julieta shoes in violeta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Wearing My New Pair of Julieta Heels

Julieta shoes are handcrafted to perfection with high-end leather from Spain. I know, without a doubt, so much time and perfection went into making these shoes. They are truly beautiful. After trying on my new pair of Julieta heels, it was evident they were like no other. I enjoyed the comfort of the thicker heel with the Madrid. I do not feel like my toes are scrunched in the front. My weight is distributed more evenly which makes them as comfortable as they claim. Breaking in a new pair of shoes is always important. I would slip them on and walk around the house. Household chores should be fun, right? After a few days I wore my new shoes out on a date night with my husband. I would absolutely recommend these shoes to anyone whose looking for high-quality fashion but also comfort. I look forward to many fun outings and special occasions ahead with my new pair of Julieta shoes.