I'm on my feet. A lot. And I need to look professional.

A good part of my day is generally spent behind a computer. Well, to be more accurate, it's spent behind a computer mounted to a standing desk. While this is great for productivity and for my shoulders, it can be painful for my feet. (I have no doubt you can empathize.) 

My day also requires running to appointments. Have you ever planned a conference luncheon only to find the caterer is nowhere in sight? Become so engrossed in the work in front of you that you become late for an important meeting? Oh yes. It happens! We count on being able to quickly attend to those daily ups and downs without thinking about swapping out shoes mid-day.

Then there are the evenings. I love a good fundraising event, a romantic date, fun dinner with friends or a special concert. I am not tall—just 5’1”—and my fiancé is 6’2”, so wearing heels when I go out with him gives me that little extra height I sometimes want.

All in all, this is fairly typical for a lot of women. Whether it is a date night or an evening event, we want a choice to wear exactly what we want on our feet, while looking great and feeling comfortable. Sadly, once I slip out of most shoes for the day, my feet are so tender that I cannot imagine sliding them into a pair of heels for the evening. This is an issue many of us know all too well. Do your feet hurt a little even as you read this?!

I needed a better solution for my feet than just making it through the day, more or less painfully, or dreading putting heels on for the night, knowing my feet would let me know how unhappy they were about my choice of lovely footwear. Then I tried Julieta shoes. 

The Arrival of my Julieta Heels

When my Julieta heels arrived I couldn’t wait to open the box, because new shoes are, of course, a reason to get excited! My expectations were high though. Could these shoes deliver?

After opening the shipping box, a pretty blush box with modern script met me. As if a gift had arrived. (I plan on keeping this box to store photos!) Beautiful from the start. With a lovely hint of lavender.

Inside the shoe box was a personalized note from the company, two lavender sachets and two of the loveliest shoes I have ever seen. The shoe leather is supple and forms to my feet. Gorgeous. The heel itself had me pretty excited. I chose the Barcelona style this time because I wanted shoes that would work for several evening engagements I have coming up this month. In my mind these heels will work for daytime wear as well as evening. 

First Impressions of Julieta

When you put the shoes on you can't help but notice the fine stitching around the top. Additionally the curve of the sole is quite sexy! Immediately I knew that I these shoes were made from the highest quality leather. I was indeed impressed.  

The feel of the insole is soft and I appreciate the way it actually pillows around my heel. There was no slipping around on the inside as the insole material keeps my foot nicely in place. Lovely! 

But would they be as comfortable as they are beautiful?

Daily Life of Wearing Julieta

Wearing Julieta heels is easy. The comfort means that I don’t have to think about changing my shoes. No irritating foot pain means I can focus on my day and not on the pinch or pain of my footwear. No throbbing feet, slipping my shoes off under the table for relief, or carrying a pair of slip-ons in my bag.

My initial take on these shoes is that they are actually different. It is easy to see the sophistication of the style and the professional appearance from the images, however it is when you put your foot in the shoes that you understand the difference.

Life can be pretty hectic and I have been putting my Julieta heels to the test. I plan to continue to put them to work and will write a future post on the durability, comfort and wearability over longer period of time. As of now though … wow! I’ve found these shoes have extraordinary support for my feet and my life while looking quite beautiful.

Update: After a Few Months of Wearing Julieta Heels

Surprisingly, the leather on my Madrid Arenal heels have worn amazingly well. Why surprisingly? Because the ball of my foot is rather wider than normal and my shoes generally take a beating as they stretch to accommodate my weight and the extra thickness in this area. Additionally, I was sure that the lighter color of this cute shoe would scuff and stretch, causing the clean professional look of the shoe to suffer long before the shoe wore out. Hat’s off to Julieta who has conquered the problem of shoes becoming worn out and scarred before their time. As for the comfort of the shoe, it is holding up very well! The insole has now developed a memory for my foot, making it still lovely to slip them on. The bottoms are well worn and I will be looking for new heel tips in a bit. To be fair, I can be rough on my shoes and will bounce my heels when sitting or rock back on them when standing for long periods of time. So I would say this is an average amount of time for me to wear a pair of heel tips down. In truth I rarely replace heel tips. It simply has not been a priority for me. In the case of these heels though, I am determined to see how long these shoes can be worn before they they should be retired. Today I would say that my Julieta heels have developed a lovely worn in but not worn out personality. The leather itself has formed gently to my feet and there has been no sign of cracking or loss of color, even in the Arenal, the lightest of the color options. The insole is doing its job well and I cannot complain about a decrease in comfort. I still find these are the easiest of my shoes to wear on a long day.