What makes a woman successful? She is confident, brave, and goes after her goals in the face of a challenge. She stands up for herself as well as other women. She balances work and home life and has a strong network of friends and colleagues. She speaks her mind and asks for what she deserves. While the definition of success varies from one woman to the next, there are certain habits across the board that many high achieving women share. These habits of successful women can be used as inspiration in all fields and levels of work. It’s time for women to stand up and claim their power.


Habits of Successful Women

They Set the Bar High

Successful women don’t start out being successful, they have to work their way up like everyone else. Instead of shying away from difficulty, they embrace the uncertainty that comes from tackling a new task. This might be uncomfortable in the moment, but getting through the toughest challenges is what helps us reach our goals. Ultimately, there is nothing to be afraid of, especially not failure. When you experience failure is when you really start to grow and learn. As the author Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” Set your bar high and keep your chin up.


They Start the Day on the Right Note

Successful women realize how important mornings are to setting the tone for the day. Start each day with a moment of meditation, whether by sitting in silence or moving with exercise. Think about your long-term goals and how today is yet another step in the right direction, full of excitement and possibility. Establish a simple routine each morning, including making the bed and getting dressed even if you are working from home. It’s the little wins that keep us motivated throughout the day and strengthen our path to success.


They Develop Their Own Organizational System

There are endless ways of prioritizing your to-dos for the week and it truly does not matter how you stay organized as long as your tasks get finished. Whether you prefer making lists with priority tasks at the top, or use a time-blocking system to control your schedule for the day, find the method of organization that works for you and stick to it. If you don’t get everything done by the end of the day, realize that you are only human and move it over to the next day. Apps like Swipes, which helps you manage to-do lists and Toggl, which helps with time management can make busy weeks easier.


They Prioritize Their Own Well-being

While many working women struggle to turn off from work at the end of the day, it is necessary to create a balance between the office and home life. It’s incredibly important to power down the computer, close your emails, and take some time to unwind at the end of each day. Not only is this crucial to mental health and happiness, but it’s also important for the brain to process the day’s events and recharge. The moments of pause are when you can tap into your intuition and come up with new, creative ideas.


They are Financially Savvy

Every woman should be in control of her own finances. While money doesn’t equate to success, having financial independence gives women autonomy over their life choices. Successful women recognize that relying on someone else financially gives away some of their power. Learn to do your own taxes, create budgets, track your spending, and stay up-to-date on investment opportunities so that your accounts can continue to grow and you can feel secure in your finances.


They Speak Their Mind

Women are often conditioned to resist taking a stand for what they believe in and speaking up for what they deserve. From using language that undermines their skills to apologizing even when they haven’t done anything wrong, women inadvertently put themselves at a disadvantage and often settle for less in the workplace. While self-promotion is seen as a negative behavior outside the office, it is essential for women to not only present themselves and their achievements in a confident manner, but to ask for what they want. Don’t worry about causing conflict. If you believe you deserve a pay raise, then you should ask for it. You are your own best advocate, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by to speak up.


They Aren’t Afraid of Failure

No one expects you to get everything right all the time--except perhaps you. Perfectionism can hold women back as they are so worried about getting everything right that they waste time or, worse, don’t start at all. Without a doubt, every successful woman has come face to face with failure on numerous occasions and somehow, she has moved past it. If she can keep going despite setbacks, so can you. As soccer great Abby Wambach says in Wolfpack, “Make failure your fuel. The lessons of yesterday’s loss become the fuel for tomorrow’s win.”


They Empower Other Women

While there are women shattering the glass ceiling every day on their own, women who are mentored rise even faster. Mentorship for women is critical in today’s workplace, particularly in male-dominated industries like science, engineering, and finance. As women, we are stronger when we stand together, so do your part to support other women just like you. And as a woman on the rise, look around you for women in your life who can serve as mentors to you. There is room for every woman to be successful at what she does and for us all to celebrate each other.