Messy buns and sweatpants. Cold coffee and dry shampoo. Loads of laundry and infinite dirty dishes. Stay-at-home-mom life is chaotic, fun and exhausting. Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t change it for the world, but mom life is hard work! Going from working as a nurse in a hospital to staying at home with my independent little man was definitely an adjustment. I love our busy, unpredictable days but sometimes I crave an evening out. I quickly learned that instead of waiting for others to recognize I need a night out, I should schedule them myself—whether with my husband, my girlfriends or my former work colleagues. You know, put it on the calendar that's filled to the brim with everything else that needs to be done. Blocking out time for a girls' night out or a nice dinner date with my husband is essential to keeping me in check. Even though I might live in yoga pants and less-than-perfect hair most days of the week, I really enjoy getting ready to go out. Actually putting effort in letting my hair down and slipping on a fun dress allows me the boost of self-confidence a woman needs every now and then. It allows me to express myself and reminds me of that flare for fun I know I need. It's my time for “self care” and my time to hit the renew button. And my husband loves it! Just when I feel like there is no way I can get myself showered and put together for going out, I remember how refreshed I feel when I do. It's rejuvenating to put on that cute top that's been hiding in my closet for the past couple months, dusting off the jewelry that never gets worn, and slipping into a beautiful pair of heels. A fresh look and a new style replenishes my energy. It‘s well worth it. It makes my family happy. And that makes me happy.