This is part 1 in a three-part series on our Adopt a Classroom fundraiser. Read Part 2 here and Part 3 blog here.


This school year looks different for many students and teachers. But whether they’re doing in-person learning, distance learning or a hybrid model, there are plenty of things educators and students still need to succeed.


At Julieta, we believe there is no better investment than education. With your donations via our Adopt a Classroom fundraiser, we were able to contribute thousands of dollars to fully fund 14 classroom donation requests. Below you’ll learn a bit about the people you helped. We are humbled and grateful for your donations and the ability to contribute to this cause we care so deeply about.


And your donations keep coming! Each time we get a new shipment of shoes we add some inventory to our Adopt a Classroom fundraiser, giving you the opportunity to get beautiful shoes for a $150 donation to this worthy cause. Learn more about the background of our fundraiser and see the current inventory here.


Adopt a Classroom Fundraiser

Banaadir Academy

Most students at Banaadir immigrated from East Africa, including Somalia. Many of them are in poverty, and are learning a new language. A Fourth Grade Classroom at Banaadir Academy - Ms. Uzendoski’s class requested a donation for more books at various reading levels as well as classroom newspapers such as Time for Kids, Scholastic, or National Geographic for her classroom library. Classroom newspapers help the students learn about current events, new vocabulary and geography. A Sixth Grade Classroom at Banaadir Academy - Ms. Cromwell says, “Even though teaching middle school can be challenging, I keep coming back to Banaadir because it’s so rewarding watching my students succeed. I greatly admire my students and their families who face many challenges learning a new language, adjusting to a different culture, and even getting used to the winters in Minnesota.”


Nellie Stone Johnson School

Nellie Stone Johnson is a school located in North Minneapolis. 94% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, 22% of students receive special education services, and 11% receive homeless and highly mobile services.


From Ms. Crawford: “It’s hard to express how much it means to have someone, especially a complete stranger, support my classroom and my students from afar. It truly is a little boost of happiness, positivity, and strength. My students are currently learning from home online and have some noisy environments to contend with. I will use the donation to provide headphones for those that need them. Another pressing need is for books. Being home means they don’t have access to the classroom or school library.”


Bethune Community School

Bethune Community School is named after Mary McLeod Bethune, who was the first in her family to be born after slavery was abolished. She became a teacher and champion of civil rights, eventually becoming the vice president of the NAACP in 1940. The majority of students at Bethune come from a very low socio-economic background and face many life challenges both in and out of the classroom.


Ms. Hansen started her first year of teaching at Bethune with a class where almost half were receiving special services. Her classroom came with no furniture or materials, other than enough tables for her students and a desk for the teacher. There were books provided from the district, but with an entire class below grade level and half at a kindergarten reading level, she was seeking books at appropriate reading levels so her students could get excited and feel successful reading.


The majority of Ms. Johnson’s students do not come school-ready and most struggle to meet grade level expectations. Despite the many challenges her kindergartners face, they show up each day eager to learn and willing to contribute. Her classroom donation request sought “additional funding to provide tools and resources that these students do not otherwise have access to. Moreover, it would provide enhanced learning opportunities that would ultimately help to close the achievement gap.”   In the coming weeks we will share about the other classrooms you've helped. We can't thank you enough for the donations and the opportunity to donate to this cause.  


Photo by Jason Sung

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