This is part 3 in a series on our Adopt a Classroom fundraiser. In case you missed it, you can read our Adopt a Classroom Part 1 blog here and Adopt a Classroom Part 2 blog here.


It takes a special person to become a teacher. To spend their days molding the minds of our children and teaching them math, history and English, but also important life skills. Not only that, but teachers care deeply for their students and to many kids, school is their favorite place. This important work should come with support and abundant resources. Unfortunately, in many schools across the nation the resources just aren’t there.


The pandemic has been difficult for all of us, but it’s been even more so for teachers. Many were asked to change how they teach with little preparation, resources or support. They worked longer hours, and in some cases, put themselves at risk to teach pupils in person while also managing some virtual classes. In short, teachers are heroes, and with lack of funding as a widespread issue, we want to do what we can to help teachers who need it.


Our Adopt a Classroom fundraiser has allowed us to donate $7,333 to fully fund 14 classroom requests with more donations coming in all the time. There are so many more teachers and students we’d love to help, and that’s where you come in. Every time you purchase a pair from our imperfect pair inventory, 100% of proceeds benefit students and teachers who need resources. See our current inventory here.


Below you’ll read about five more classrooms you’ve helped through your donations. We can’t thank you enough for helping us provide desperately needed resources for teachers and students in our community.


Adopt A Classroom Fundraiser

Whittier International Elementary School

The population of the Whittier International Elementary School consists of 70 percent students of color, 72 percent of students receiving free or reduced price lunch, and 40 percent English Language Learners.


From Ms. Rudolph: This is my fourth year teaching at my school and I absolutely love it! As a young teacher I struggle to get the materials my students need to learn and grow. I have 22 students this year. They speak Spanish, Somali, Arabic, or English at home and have a wide range of academic levels, from students performing at kindergarten level to 4th grade level.

When I first started at my school, I was provided teacher books, about 40 student books, some math tools, tables, and a Promethean Board. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars trying to make my classroom welcoming and one that has what my students need to succeed. Adopt a Classroom has helped me cut down on my personal spending but continued to allow for new books, headphones, fidget devices and rugs. With this donation, I plan to purchase noise canceling headphones, wobble cushions, math tools, and flexible seating.


Noble Academy

At Noble Academy, most students are Hmong. Nearly all students qualify for free and reduced lunch.


From Ms. Armstrong: I started my first year teaching in the 2017-2018 school year. I have had numerous students tell me that they like school because they feel safe and they thank me for making school a safe place. My goal is to create an even more safe and comfortable learning environment. I want my students to come into my room knowing they are free to express themselves. As a new teacher and a new homeowner, my finances are very tight. I have very little money to put towards my classroom and often feel guilty when I see other classrooms that are so fun and engaging. [With the donation] I will purchase items such as exercise balls to help students move and learn in a beneficial way. I would also like to diversify my classroom library to teach students about differences and how to accept these differences in everyday life.


Centennial Elementary School

Centennial Elementary is located in Richfield, Minnesota. 83 percent of students are from low-income families and 86 percent are students of color


From Ms. Peterson: I am so grateful for your kindness and support. The students that I work with are in need of basic school supplies at home during this crazy time of distance learning. I will be purchasing notebooks, markers, whiteboards, and other necessities to help students stay engaged in learning as well as books that will help them in their reading. You have been a true light during this difficult time as I teach from home.


From Ms. Melgar: Our classroom is a large group of bilingual students who are working on English language proficiency. The students vary in levels from new to the country to fully proficient in English or at the level of their English speaking peers. Our goal is to add culturally relevant texts to our mentor text pool so students can make more personal connections in their learning regarding their home culture and language. Long term this work hopefully will help our bilingual students find their path to become successful adults through culturally relevant reading and writing as making content accessible to them helps them perform the same as their peers.


Harding High School

Harding High School is the largest high school in St. Paul, with many students qualifying for Title 1 services.


Our donation to Ms. Maldonado’s classroom was for basic school supplies to help students succeed academically—pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, paper, art supplies, tissues—as well as literacy materials for the classroom such as books, posters, and supplemental reading materials.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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