As we’re all spending a lot of time at home these days, I’m excited to share some resources for staying fit and healthy without the gym. Working out and moving my body is integral to my mental health—some days I need a good sweat and other days I just need to stretch. Below I’ll share a variety of at-home workouts ranging in intensity level. All of them are great options to simulate the group fitness environment we all crave while offering a solution to inconveniently coordinating with a live-stream schedule.

At-Home Workouts

CorePower Yoga

In the COVID-19 period, CorePower—one of my favorite nationwide studios—has been posting free videos so people can continue their practices from home. The videos are updated with new content weekly so there is always something new to try. The instructors are very engaging and they provide a real kick in the butt! Classes can be anywhere from a 60-minute sculpt series to a 25-minute isolated stretch. If you like these videos and want to support CorePower financially, it’s only $20 dollars/month for an unlimited online subscription with access to a whole collection of at-home workouts. Note: These videos usually require/recommend weights or a block. If you do not have a set of weights at home, substitute a 24 ounce can of soup/veggies or use a full water bottle. Or if weights aren’t your thing, you can still feel the burn without them! If you do not own yoga blocks, find a large book like a dictionary or one of those old college textbooks you thought you’d resell someday, and prop them up for support.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is one of my all-time favorite yogis. Her YouTube channel is well managed and conveniently categorizes videos by duration (10-minute lunch break yoga, 20-30 minute videos, etc.) but also by emotion (yoga for when you’re angry, yoga for when you're sad or anxious). I find these videos especially relevant during this emotional time. Adriene also offers free 30-day challenges, which are a great way to stay accountable if you appreciate the extra incentive to meet at your mat. Adriene’s videos are a great way to move your body and feel good in your skin. She offers yoga classes for all levels and makes it so even a yoga novice doesn't feel intimidated. Even my 64-year-old dad, a new yogi with limited flexibility, loves Yoga with Adriene. She is motivating yet gentle and I always finish her videos feeling grounded and happy that I took the time to tune in.

Nike Training App

This is the perfect tool for building strength efficiently. The Nike Training app offers 62 strength workouts, from quick core HIIT to plank sequences, hip openers and lunge circuits. These workouts are specific in the areas they target and offer advice on technique, reminders to breathe when holding a pose and motivational phrases interjected throughout. Another great feature is the ability to filter search results within the app so you can easily find, “no-equipment workouts.” I know it can be hard to find motivation without a gym or studio environment. I’ve found that playing music and stretching before a workout, like I would under normal circumstances, has helped me mentally buy into engaging with workouts at home. Also, if you are looking for ways to start meditating, check out “breathe” function on your Apple watch , or the frees trial on Headspace or Calm apps. Photo credit: Designed by yanalya / Freepik