Looking for a unique gift for the newlyweds in your life? Gift them a lovely experience—a perfect picnic. These ideas are sure to surprise and delight the lovebirds.


Pretty Picnic Basket

You can never go wrong with a picnic basket. A classic wicker basket is always in style but you might want to look at more creative options. Here are some of our favorite variations on this time-honored carrier. From a backpack to a heart-shaped basket (awww!!), a super cool personalized carrier-cum-table to a unique stylish canvas set, we had a hard time limiting these options. Check out the luxury basket with a drink stand.



 Don't Forget The Kids

Couple has little ones? Don't forget this is a special day for them too! This sweet shopping basket doubles as a picnic basket with eco-friendly accoutrements like a baguette, lemonade and bar of chocolate.


Luxury Picnic Experience

How about a bespoke picnic experience, curated by you! Pop Up Picnic offers a full service experience in San Diego and Nosh and Gather offers luxury picnic experiences in the Twin Cities area. Look online for similar services in your area.



Build Your Own Picnic Kit

Prepare your own picnic kit and include a gift certificate for a horse-drawn carriage ride, a stay at a charming inn, or a gift card for a local bakery. Pack a tote with a bottle of wine and items that will keep until the wedding activity slows down. Some ideas:

  • Tote: A collapsible tote or cooler helps with storing when not in use. Personalize the gift for an extra touch.
  • Charcuterie: Pick cured meats that do not require refrigeration. You may want to shop at your local deli for this. Olympia Provisions is a Portland, Oregon-based charcuterie that ships all over the US.
  • Crackers: Buy online or find something special at your favorite grocery store in the deli section.
  • Olives/pickles
  • Chutney/salsa: Endless varieties! Introduce the couple to a new, locally produced treat.
  • Wine glasses: You might opt for stemmed glassware in a picnic basket that can secure glasses but in a hand-packed tote, we'd recommend something more durable.
  • Cheeseboard with knife: Cute and practical, every picnic needs one.
  • Games: A beautiful day spent lounging on a blanket, sipping something cool and playing a game with your love while reminiscing about the wedding? The bride and groom will love you for this fun extra. Personalized Mini Travel Cribbage | Traveling Backgammon Set | Traveling Scrabble Set
  • Blanket: Choose something with water-resistant backing and attached straps for easy carrying.