I love Instagram. As someone who loves visuals, it's one of my favorite social media platforms. I use it to discover new recipes, fashion trends, home design inspiration and more! It's also a great tool to connect with people you might not otherwise be able to. So, without further ado, here's my list of Instagram accounts to follow based on what you love. And since, like many Minnesotans, I have so much pride in my home state, there are quite a few accounts from the Twin Cities area.

Instagram Accounts to Follow

For the Wellness Warrior

@Healthy_ish: A division of Bon Appetit magazine, Healthyish is a "the place for healthy recipes, food trends, videos, health news and more." Its Instagram account shows how healthy recipes can still be delicious and flavorful. @FitFoodieFindsLee Funke is a Minneapolis-based blogger who focuses on healthy food, fitness and body positivity.
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@rrayyme: Remi Ishizuka focuses on "Health + Wellness + Balance + Beauty." The account mainly features fitness content with some wellness, every day life and healthy food sprinkled in.

For the Home Design Nut

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@designlovefest: Bri Emery is an LA-based creative director and you can always expect her feed to be full of color. Her account features beautiful spaces, design, entertaining and travel. @apartmenttherapy: Inspiring photos of beautiful spaces. Need I say more? @em_henderson: Emily Henderson is a stylist and blogger. She recently renovated a mountain home in California and every decision she made in the remodel of the kitchen was crowd-sourced to her massive following. The results are stunning!

For the Style Guru

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@iamsarahedwards: Sarah Edwards is so much more than stylish (ie a CEO, event producer, social content strategist, and basically the most connected person in Minneapolis). But one of the reasons I love following Sarah is her bold style choices. She's never one to shy away from patterns and colors and it's a joy to see it in my feed.

For the Home Baker

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@zoebakes: Zoë François is a pastry chef who uses Instagram to teach others how to bake. Her gorgeous food photography attracts a large audience of devotees who admire her work and are often eager to try her approachable recipes for themselves. Most notably, Zoë's Instagram stories always feature fantastic music and she's often found dancing in her kitchen. Following her feels like being a friend who can pull up a stool in her kitchen!

For the Food Lover

@ful.filled: Bella Karragiannidis features some of my favorite food photography on her Instagram account @ful.filled. She's a photographer, recipe developer and stylist and her feed features work that spans the range of bright and clean to dark and moody. I love it.
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@basically: Basically is another site from Bon Appetit magazine (can you see a theme here?!) that's all about the basics of cooking. They dive deep into how-to content (everything from how to make chili to how to make Instant Pot chicken broth). Other helpful content includes handy kitchen tools to the basics of ingredients. @judykim: Judy Kim is a food stylist, recipe developer and creative consultant based in New York and all I can say is her account features absolutely beautiful food. It's art.

For the Nomad

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@thiswildidea: Theron Humphrey runs this account, but the star is his dog Maddie, who is known to perch in unusual places! The pair can often be found enjoying adventures together.
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@katebecker.mn: Kate Becker is one busy woman. Not only is she a talented photographer who rents out her home studio to other photographers, but she also has several other successful businesses. She and her husband, Tony, created Northerly, a Minnesota photo booth camper, and last year they launched a wedding venue and event center that they built called Pinewood. It is stunning and comes to life with her photography. In the midst of all this working, she and her husband still find time to get out and explore the world. Just for fun she also has an account for her adorable pets: Life with the Becker Pets.

For The Veg Head

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@gkstories: This is the first vegetarian account I followed and it's still one of my favorites to this day. @erinireland: Erin Ireland is a fierce advocate for veganism. She's had two vegan pregnancies and I love her account for how real it is as well as for the recipes she cooks in her Instagram stories. @loveandlemons: Approachable vegetarian recipes with gorgeous photography.

For The Artist

@emsimsy: I used to work with Emily and she is incredibly creative, but also such a kind soul. She's self taught in her art and I admire her so much for who she is as well as the beauty she creates.
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@brandonwerth: Brandon Werth's photography is so much more than just photography. He's a visual artist. He does lots of weddings and always comes at it from a very unique perspective. He also has an adorable family. Check them out @hopandhowl.
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@ariwoeste: Ari Woeste does lovely tactile and food lettering. She's been hired by large brands like Cheerios and Yoplait for her incredible work. I love seeing what she comes up with.

Just For Fun

@chrissyteigen: Need I say more? Chrissy is witty, glamorous and throws the best shade.
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@bevcooks: What started out as a food blog has now turned into one of my favorite lifestyle accounts. Not only will you find beautiful photos of Bev's life, but her Instagram stories about whatever is going on are hilarious. Plus, she has the most adorable twins.
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@wat.ki: No list would be complete without some furry friends! Watson and Kiko are two golden retrievers who love to hug, travel the world and get their photo taken. Oh, and Watson does the most hilarious trust fall!   I hope you enjoyed this list of Instagram accounts to follow based on your interests!