We are living in a crazy time and although I do not have any medical advice, I am hoping this post helps us relax and stay sane during this period of social distancing.

Be Patient

We all have to practice being patient, both with ourselves and others. With kids home from school and families all cooped up, it is easy to get short with each other. It is important to remember that we are all adjusting to the situation. It is okay to be anxious and feel anxious! We must be patient in processing our emotions and practice empathy.

Limit News Intake

With every news outlet and channel sharing different sources and facts it is important to limit news intake. Start by whittling down how many voices you listen to. Find a few news sources that present information to you in a way that is clear and not overwhelming. It is important to constantly question our outlets and consistently check facts versus hearsay. Additionally, mindlessly scrolling on social media has been shown to correlate with higher levels of anxiety. Therefore, I started checking myself by using the Apple timers on my social media applications to help me monitor my usage.

Stay Emotionally Connected

Social distancing and self isolation sound scary, it can’t be denied. But while it is necessary to minimize exposure, it is essential to stay connected. Set tangible goals for yourself to call a friend or family member each day. Try to be vulnerable with people in your support network, because chances are that whatever you’re feeling they probably are too.

Keep A Routine

With school cancelled and people working from home for what feels like an eventual eternity, it is easy to feel like each day is a snow day. I challenge us to not treat this like an extended vacation, eating whatever we want, lounging around constantly and not exercising. It is important to keep some consistency as if it was a normal work or school week. Even simple things like keeping a bedtime, eating three meals a day and getting dressed in real clothes can make a big mental difference in how we feel.

Stay Active

Staying mentally and physically active are important. I am staying mentally active by listening to podcasts, trying to check some books off my reading list and watching new documentaries. You can also take this time to try new things that might otherwise be outside of your comfort zone like baking, cooking a new recipe, learning a language online or trying a new craft. I am also attempting to stay physically active with my limited resources by walking in my neighborhood and doing yoga at home. I recommend Yoga with Adriene's Youtube channel.