If you’re feeling cooped up and ready for your next big adventure after months of carefully navigating our “new normal,” you are not alone. Although many avenues of exploration are closed off for the time being, it doesn’t mean you can’t embark on an enriched adventure right at home.

Mastering the Art of the Staycation


The first step to mastering the staycation is to unplug. You don’t need to lay on a beach or go on a yoga retreat to take a break from technology. The news can wait and it’s time to put your emails on hold! Take a much-needed hiatus from the world at your fingertips and focus on relaxing your mind and body by engaging in the now. Either turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode.


Set your long to-do list to the side for the duration of your staycation. While some things may need to get done, limit yourself to the essentials so you can fully enjoy your planned escape. In the busy world we live in, relaxation sits on the back burner. Make time to do nothing, and then do nothing. [caption id="attachment_18379" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Bathtub | Mastering the Art of the Staycation | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever. Photo by R ARCHITECTURE[/caption]

Spa Day

Craving a facial or massage but not ready to head to a spa in person? Plan out your own spa experience. Grab a robe, toss on your slippers and get ready to treat yourself. Set the scene by lighting your favorite candles, diffuse some relaxing essential oils and play some serene music. We love this SPA Treatment playlist on Spotify. Pamper yourself with a peaceful bath and your favorite face mask. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at one of these homemade face mask recipes from Elle and don’t forget cucumbers for your eyes. Round out the experience with a pitcher of water with lemon and cucumber or some hot herbal tea.

Create an Itinerary

You most likely wouldn’t embark on a trip without at least a few things in mind for what you would like to do, so treat your staycay the same. Make a list of things you would like to see or do during your “trip.” Many museums are offering virtual tours, so you can still enjoy the arts from the comfort of your home. Or plan an amazing indoor picnic, but order the food from a local cafe. [caption id="attachment_18380" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Pasta dinner | Mastering the Art of the Staycation | Julieta | The most comfortable heels. Photo by Janko Ferlič[/caption]

Themed Dinner Night

While an evening eating pasta in Italy or weekend skiing in the Swiss Alps may not be possible during a pandemic, you can still satisfy your wanderlust. Create a themed evening by choosing a bucket list location and plan a night revolving around this special spot. If you’re pining for Paris, make a French-themed dinner (with macarons for dessert!) or order dinner from a local French eatery and serve it up by candlelight. The evening won’t be complete without a French playlist for inspiration and, of course, some Champagne. Dreaming of an Italian escape? Learn to make pasta from Italian grandmas with a virtual Airbnb experience or try your hand at gnocchi. Finish off the meal with gelato or cannoli.

Take an Online Class

With stay-at-home orders persisting, you can now learn about pretty much anything online. Are you interested in painting? Take an online class and learn your way around a canvas. Want to fine-tune your writing skills? Learn to write from the legendary Margaret Atwood through MaterClass. An educational experience is a great addition to a staycation.   Main image by Paige Kocourek
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