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How do I care for my shoes?

Julieta shoes are manufactured with the highest quality leathers. Since leather is an organic material, it needs to rest and dry out to remain in good condition. Allow time for your shoes to dry after being used and before you wear them again. Keep the leather moist by applying a high-quality shoe cream (either of the same color of the shoe or a colorless one). For long-lasting results, apply the cream to your shoes monthly. Please see your local cobbler for additional shoe care and leather care advice, or recommendations that are more specific to your wear. You can also check the article in the blog.

How do I know my shoes fit correctly?

Every human foot is unique. Comfort is the most reliable variable to assess fit. The toe area is the most variable aspect of the fit. If you feel some tightness around the toes, it may very well be solved after wearing the shoes for a while. Sometimes a shoe is not made for your foot regardless of how hard you try.

How long will it take to break in my shoes?

A break-in period for new shoes is always a good strategy. We believe that Julieta shoes require less break-in than lower quality shoes. It would be reasonable to start with no more than 4 to 6 hours of continuous wear and progressively increase the hours from there. Overall, the comfort of the shoe will dictate how slow the break-in period needs to be.

Who do I contact to learn more about Julieta?

Please email us at:

Will you be coming out with new models and new colors?

Yes! While keeping comfort as our number one priority, we are always testing and exploring new options. Julieta is a company made for all of you. Please email us at with your suggestions or ideas.

Do you offer wide or narrow widths or expanded sizing?

At this time, we offer one standard width and sizes US 6 to 10 (EU 37 to 42). We are considering adding additional sizes and widths in the future.

I would like to receive emails from Julieta, where do I sign up?

Under "Newsletter" in the footer of the website, please provide us with your email address to receive our newsletter and other email updates.

What are your return and exchange policies?

Information on returns and exchanges can be found here.

I have not received my refund for my returned shoes yet. How do I get information on when the refund will post to my account?

Please email

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