When uncomfortable heels put stress on your feet, it makes for a miserable day. How many times have you put a pair of sneakers or flats in your bag because you knew your feet were not going to make it through the day in those gorgeous pumps? Or you wear a pair of "sturdy" heels — not so pretty — but at least your feet will not be in pain. Our goal at Julieta is to create the most comfortable heels without compromising style. Class. Comfort. In one shoe.

To create our shoes, Fernando Peña, an experienced orthopedic surgeon, started with his years of experience examining how the foot supports the entire body and how various angles, pressures and body mechanics determine sole posturing. He found he could mold and craft a custom insole specifically designed to support the foot in a way that distributes the weight evenly, avoiding stress on the most common areas.

Through 2018, many variations, prototypes and tests occurred until we created the most comfortable heels ever produced.

Julieta shoes are designed to provide long-lasting comfort — even after hours of being on your feet. We strive to help you feel comfortable and professional all day long so you can focus on the present moment and what really matters.

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