The Julieta Story

The guiding principle of Julieta is simple: there is no better luxury than comfort. Especially when it comes to shoes.

It started in 2015 when we decided to solve a long-standing problem. We set out to make a high heel as comfortable as it is beautiful—one with enough support, style and versatility to take any professional woman from the boardroom, to baggage claim and back again.

Each design is created with our professional insights as doctors, sculpted around the latest research in biometrics and crafted with the same rich expertise of traditional Spanish shoemaking. Simply put, Julieta shoes make your every step feel good and look good without compromise.

Pleasure is at the core of what we do. And when you experience pleasure, you see and live life differently. This is Julieta.

Meet the Founders

Husband and wife doctor team Julie Thompson and Fernando Peña are the passion and promise behind Julieta shoes.


Dr. Julie Thompson is a liver doctor with an interest in fashion. After struggling to find a high heel with as much stamina as style, she and Fernando sought a solution. She's overseen every Julieta prototype along the way, tweaking every detail to perfection. The result? The most comfortable high heel on the market.


Dr. Fernando Peña is an orthopedic surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping patients with foot and ankle problems walk pain free. His expertise in foot mechanics led to Julieta's innovative shoe base—one he developed based on the latest research in biometrics. Originally from Spain, his heritage and personal knowledge of traditional Spanish shoemaking is infused in every detail of the design.

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